Here at Renegade, we decided not just to pay contingency at just major or large events. You wonder why? At a major event, the odds only favor a very few. What about the majority of winners that race everywhere else? That's where Renegade comes in, we are the first major racing company to create an opportunity for all racers at every race. That's right, all races! Welcome to the Renegade Fast Bucks Reward Program. This rewards you no matter whether your win is a national or local event. Yes, for using any of our products, you get rewarded with Renegade Fast Bucks! If you are a Renegade Racer, please click to get registered. #everyracercounts

Renegade Rewards Program 2021


  • Racers must display Renegade decal on both sides of the competition vehicle to be eligible
  • Racers must provide proof of first place win along with a picture of the vehicle with the decals displayed in order to receive the rewards certificate.
  • Racers must provide proof of prior fuel purchase within the past 12 months from the dealer.

Exceptions: If Renegade already has a pre-established contingency program with the series or track then this program is not applicable.

How to redeem:

  • Racer must register on our website.
  • Racer must be registered for the program prior to their win.
  • Racer must submit win through our website.
  • The racer may redeem their award with a dealer or with Renegade directly.
  • Certificate only valid to the winner and it is not transferrable to another individual.
  • Only one certificate can be redeemed per purchase.
  • Certificate can only be used once.
  • Certificate is only valid for one year.

Renegade Rewards Program Certificate:

(Racers can choose one of the following options as their reward)  

  • $40.00 off any one drum of Renegade Race Fuel
  • $20.00 off any one drum of Methanol or Ethanol Fuel
  • $10.00 off case of Racing Oil
  • $5.00 off any one pail of race fuel
  • 25% off any car care, engine treatment, or tire treatment bottle
  • $5.00 off a hoodie, work shirt, t-shirt, hat, sunglasses, or banner

New! Series/Track championship winners:

If racer wins a series/track championship, in addition to receiving the certificate above (along with adhering to the qualifications above), winners will receive:

  • An official Renegade personalized plaque
  • Official Renegade Swag Pack (hoodie, work shirt, sunglasses, hat, and t-shirt)
  • 2 Additional certificates
  • All series/track championship winners will be entered for a drawing at the end of the year for giveaway (to be determined)
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