Team Info

Garman Racing was founded in 2008 in memory of our father Sidney Garman Sr. who was an avid race car driver and an awesome engine builder. We started out running one 250cc air cooled Yamaha engined car in the Sprortsman division and two 125cc Yamaha/Honda engined cars in the 125cc division of micro sprints. We had a good building year and finished 8th overall in points in the 250cc Sportsman division and 13th and 19th in points in the 125cc division.


We purchased a 2007 Probe chassis with a 2008 Yamaha 1000cc engine and had Jesse Snyder drive it in the Sidewinder Series. He was an awesome driver and won many races for us including two wins at the Spring Nationals.


We changed the Probe Chassis to a 2008 Suzuki 600cc stock engine and Seth Garman ran it in the ACMS Series finishing 1st in the championship.


We purchased a 2007 RTS Chassis and put a 2011 Suzuki 600cc stock engine on it and a 2001 Hyper Chassis and put a 2007 Suzuki 600cc stock engine on it. Devin Garman ran the Probe in the ACMS Series finishing 3rd in the championship, Sean Garman ran the RTS finishing 5th in the championship and Scott Garman ran the 2001 Hyper finishing 6th in the championship. 


Sean had his ups and downs in 2014 but managed to finish in the top ten of the ACMS Series. Although Scott  only ran part time he still managed to finish in 12th place in the ACMS Series.


Sean sold his RTS and purchased a 2013 Hyper Chassis with a 2009 Yamaha 600cc stock engine. He had a great year with multiple wins and finished 3rd in the ACMS Series. 2015 also saw Seth get back behind the wheel of a car. He drove a 2007 Henchcraft Chassis that he shared with Scott. Seth finished 7th in the ACMS Series while Scott only ran a few races and finished outside the top 10.

2016 - 2020

In 2016 to 2019 we had AJ Bast driving the 2013 Hyper at diverse tracks. He did well for us having multiple wins.

We decided to rebuild the team so we sold all of our equipment and started fresh. In 2018 Scott purchased a new Hyper Chassis with a 2009 Yamaha R6 600cc engine and in 2020 Sean purchased a a 2019 Hyper Chassis with a 2005-2006 Kawasaki 636cc engine. We look forward to the new season starting in 2021!

Our Drivers

Sean Garman

Owner of Garman Racing 

Sean will be driving a 2019 Hyper Chassis with a 05-06 Kawasaki 636cc as the Garman Racing #5 car.

Scott Garman

Head Mechanic

Scott will be driving a 2018 Hyper Chassis with a 08-09 Yamaha R6 600cc as the Garman Racing #83 car.

Our Sponsored Drivers

AJ Bast

AJ will be driving a 2011 Hyper Chassis with a 05-06 Kawasaki 636cc as the Garman Fast Bast Racing #51.

Zach Rhodes

Zach will be driving a J & J Chassis with a Hershey Motors 305 V8 as the Zach Rhodes Racing #0z car in the 305 Sprint Car Series.